Completed Spring Handicap Series 2011

This year's first handicap series of the year proved a test of endurance and heavy weather capability. In these conditions, Hannah showed her true colours, and grit! Natalie showed good form too in her Laser 4.7 and an error in applying the handicapping to earlier tables, when she had sailed with full Laser sail but been calculated as for 4.7 rig have all been corrected in this table.

Pip Warner showed what a force he can be when married up with the "right boat" for him - in marginal planing conditions he's hard to catch. Chris Bell and Rob have put in a good set of results with those races they entered.

In all 23 boats took part in at least one of the 16 races, and 7 boats sailed enough races (9) to qualify for a position overall. This shows a healthy interest in early season sailing and one which we can feel justifiably proud - when asked by our RYA representative what our membership was, the figure of around 64 did not sound overly impressive, but when asked what proportion of these are active sailors, the answer "around 80" compares extremely favourably with many clubs and recent developments such as Trinity House School giving up on their sailing base at Welton has brought new interest in the form of young members and their parents so signs for this year are very encouraging!

Well done all who have participated in this Spring Series and we know as I write this (mid June) that the interest is continuing and developing.

Dave Berger