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"Taster Day"
Tuesday 26th July 2011

Report from our Taster Day held 26th July 2011.

Thanks to everyone who took part in our sailing taster day yesterday. We loved having such a good and enthusiastic turnout - 14 came along, most had either never or rarely been in a dinghy before, we are actively looking at some good ways to make sure there are more opportunities and to help you develop your interest in sailing.

Here are a few ways that come to mind straight away, but will need some firming up on the club's side:

1) We can build in some more days during the summer to help those who want to learn more and develop confidence.

2) We'll be getting a club Mirror dinghy serviceable that can be used with a club member, or lent out to new hopefuls with someone more experienced to start with.

3) There are some (limited) opportunities to crew in cub racing with club members.
At present the majority of racers sail single-handed boats, however Dave in his Albacore, Paul in his Firefly and one or two others can take along a crew, especially perhaps in the Sunday pursuit series (starts at 11am) and/or Wednesday evening (starts at 7pm) series.

4) A number of our Associate (non-racing) members have 2-person boats and we can encourage them to arrange to take people out - most probably on weekdays or Saturdays as this avoids the melee of racers.

5) If anyone is really smitten and wants to fast track their progress, they might like to consider doing an RYA course - the nearest such courses are run at Filey http://fileysc.co.uk/trainingprog.php

and Allerthorpe (near Pocklington) (no sailing courses before august)

In addition there is Pugneys (near Wakefield): http://www.wakefield.gov.uk/CultureAndLeisure/ParksAndOpenSpaces/PugneysCountryPark/Courses/ default.htm

In the meantime what I will compile a list of dates and possibilities for further sailing experiences at Hornsea and distribute them to Tuesday's participants.

If you are interested in sailing on Sunday mornings, you can take a chance, but it is better to make contact in advance, with dates. For instance I would not be available this coming Sunday (31st July), but I can take some one or two people out on the morning of the following Sunday 6th Aug.

If you think you would like to consider getting a boat at some later stage and would like some advice, please get in touch and I'll try and arrange trial sail in a suitable boat for comparison.

I will see what Mirror Dinghies (see: http://ukmirrorsailing.cz.cc )are available or could be available fairly easily or quickly, and also Miracle dinghies (http://www.miracledinghy.org)- both of these are good boats for learning in - the Miracle being a bit bigger and suiting those that are a bit larger, older or heavier, whereas a Mirror dinghy can be safely managed by two young people.

On the follow-up to the Taster day, if any members feel they can help by:

1) getting the club's mirror dinghy into a useable state (according to Dave Metcalfe this need not take too long - involves some varnish and paint stripping, then expoxying and re-varnishing)

2) offering some dates and times when you would be available to take out some of those that came along to help them progress some more - I'll commit to offering Sunday mornings (when available) and Wednesday evenings, but I think another day in the week could be problematic for me - I'll speak to my manager!.

3) Be prepared to respond positively if/when approached eg on a Sunday and help to ensure their initial interest does not just fizzle out!

- please let me know.

If someone is prepared to consider a co-ordinating role in these activities - do feel free to discuss it with me.

Dave Berger

Commodore: mailto:bergmull@dberger.karoo.co.uk