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2020 Vision Pursuit Challenge
Day report.
Today saw the first race this year.
We had ten boats booked to sail for 6th September with 9 turning up, 8 boats chose to join in the 1st race with the 2nd seeing numbers drop to 6.
Tony Legg and his crew took out their Hartley and Phil Allen’s return to Hornsea had him watching his Graduate from the shore while the younger members of the family took to enjoying the light breeze the day would provide for the day.
Richard Woodcock, through his men in sheds skills, has kindly provided two trophies for first and second positions for what has become known as the "2020 Vision pursuit challenge".
Great to see so many enjoying their Sunday on the water.

Pip Warner
Tony Ridley in a Streaker.
Mike Knight in a Streaker.
Steve Levit in an Enterprise.
Geoff in a Wayfarer with Phil Allen.
Richard Woodcock in a Blaze.
Rob Froud in a Blaze
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