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2013 Streaker Open

Wednesday Night Series 1

Open Canoe Sailing Group

Fairey Marine Falcon

2013 Galleries

Rain, Rain everywhere

Laser 3000 single handed
30 June 2013

Speeding along...

Andy's Behemoth 1

Andy’s Behemoth 2

Hornsea Sailing Club related videos,

in no perticular.

Tobias trying out his boom Cam

Tobias trying out his boom Cam

Shroud Breaks while Sailing

Stephen's Oppi with Tobi at the helm

2013 Regatta hornsea sailing club

2013 Regatta

2013 Dinner

Hornsea in the Snow

A Wanderer 10 pottering near the jetty

2008 Streaker open meeting

Alan and Lewis in a Firefly

Tobias trying out his boom Cam

Check out Tobias' YouTube site.